What is ParticipACTION?
ParticipACTION is a Canadian non-profit organization that aims at encouraging all Canadians to be more  active and live a healthy lifestyle. They inform and promote the health benefits of various activities, as  well as incentivize physical activity through their mobile application.  
The Objective
The ultimate goal of this campaign is to get teenagers to put down their phones and be active outside.  We want teens to see that daily physical activity is “Better IRL (in real life)” meaning that it is more beneficial to one’s mental and physical health to be active physically rather than virtually. 
The Audience
Canadian teenagers aged 13-19 who struggle with excessive screen time and meeting their daily recommended physical activity goals. 
Key Message
Daily physical activity is a fun, positive and healthy alternative to screen time and has many benefits to  one’s mental and physical health.

Secondary Message
You can still play your favourite games, just in a different setting. 
The Campaign
Out of Home
Social Media
Informational Microsite

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